It has felt at times like an invisible force was helping me on this journey. I think it must partly have been you, dear reader. Thank you so much for reading my blog!!

I don’t know how this journey will continue, whether I will carry on writing, possibly blogging is quite addictive. When you see that people from TWENTY SIX COUNTRIES have been reading including Indonesia, India, Russia, South Africa and USA as well as the main readers in Norway and UK its quite a thrill.

SO MANY PEOPLE mainly complete strangers have been so generous and supportive. Don’t believe the papers when they tell you things are awful and people are bad. OK we got to believe  some of it, but they are selling us a small picture. This walk has shown how only one or two generations back, within living memory many people here lived so close to the rest of Great Nature.

There are many people on the way I somehow didnt have time to mention, here are a few;
Finn olav who took me for an incredible trip on his fishing sjark where we saw seven eagles at once and many other birds.


Ole petter Bergland is a nature guide. He is also almost exactly like John Cleese in Fawlty Towers.

He wears a lovely apron as he cooks and he sings opera before the meal. After the meal I had to sing a joik as entertainment. He is great believer in making things entertaining so is great fun to be with. And his nature guiding is made up of quite a lot of jokes as well as visiting the oldest trees and natural cathedrals.
Our final hostesses were Synnøve and Gunnhild, here is Synnøve buying a barrel.

The two old brothers who made this barrel have finally decided to retire and there is no one to take on the business. Barrels were a vital necessity to preserve food and this knowledge perfected over the centuries may disappear. Synnøve is concerned about these small things.

Dear reader, goodbye for now and may the road rise up to meet you on your way.

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  1. Hahaha .!!! Den var festlig. godt jeg alt har mitt og mitt eigetlgne navn var ikke et alternativ der en gang.. Men ne5 er jo jeg finnmarking da og ikke en se5nn he5plf8s nordlending HAHAHA:DNe5 risikerer du e5 fe5 Red pe5 nakken hehe

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