The Natural Storyteller

From Hawthorn Press or Amazon UK  
For teachers, children and all natural storytellers, with story maps, brain-teasing riddles, story skeletons and adventures to make a tale your own.
The book is a seed packet, full of dynamic story seeds. When you read a story seed, you plant it in yourself, unleashing courage, creativity and love of nature. True stories of environmental heroines and heroes, botanical tales of living trees. Fairytales from the forest and true tales of sea, earth and sky. Some so good you will retell them at once.
The Natural Storyteller received 1st prize in Purple Dragonfly Book awards for Green books 2018 and Moonbeam Spirit Awards, chosen from 1200 books as one of 5 gold medalists.


‘On a cold winter’s night, I found myself running out into the world through Georgiana’s storytelling. I wasn’t the only one. My companions, world-leading climate scientists, swiftly followed. A glorious anthology that grounds our feet in the roots of the earth and opens our hearts to each other.’ Professor Ros Cornforth, meteorologist and Director of  The Walker Institute for Climate System Research

 ‘The Natural Storyteller is testament to the grace, mystery and joy that have always animated our human relationships with the earth. The stories in Georgiana Keable’s brilliantly chosen collection welcome us back into that special space and place, in which hearts, minds and spirits know we truly belong.’  Dr Donald Smith, Director of the Scottish Storytelling Centre

‘To protect our planet, in this hour of chronic need, we have to completely re-imagine our relationship with the natural world and its wondrous diversity. Storytelling plays a crucial part in that healing process, especially for young people, as Georgiana Keable so beautifully and powerfully reveals in The Natural Storyteller.’  Jonathon Porritt CBE, Forum for the Future

‘This beautiful new book, offers a vibrant invitation to embrace a world of stories about animals and plants-and our relationship with them. I especially like how this book is more than just a collection of stories, there is so much scope here to really dive into the tales and to  experience and practice an ancient skill. The stories are timeless, appropriate for a wide age range, and offer an oasis of calm amidst the fast paced society of today, perfect for sharing and as a means of reconnecting with our environment.‘ Luse of Adventures with Monster


‘A life of dedication to nature, storytelling and young people courses through the pages of The Natural Storyteller. It is written with intimacy, information and chock full of good stories and creative reflective activities. A wonderful and needed resource for children in today’s world.’ Laura Simms, leading US storyteller and author 

‘The book is life affirming. All of its stories are about taking delight in creation. But what makes her book unique is that her years of working as a storyteller give it a sense of adventure and fun. She knows how to talk with children. She is chatty and engaging. The book is a journey into storytelling as well as story. She understands that once a story is learnt it actually works its way into the nervous system. It becomes part of you.’  Hugh Lupton, award-winning Storyteller

‘I think The Natural Storyteller is a brilliant book for young people, but it doesn’t end there. Anyone interested in storytelling as an art form, but doesn’t know how to get started, would find this an excellent place to begin. I can very much recommend it for anyone starting down the Bard path, and anyone interested in finding emotionally sustainable approaches to activism. It’s an uplifting read that will leave you with a sense of possibility and optimism — something I think we could all do with right now.’ Nimue Brown, Spiral Nature Magazine

The Natural Storyteller is a gorgeous heart-warming book full of stories that children (and people any age!) can relate to. It is a collection of stories, carefully gathered over a period of years, from all over the world. What steals my heart about this book is that it unflinchingly addresses the turmoil and realities of life in the 21st century. The author does not shy away from tackling themes such as deforestation, war or corporate greed. This book is that rare thing: it unlocks emotions, ideas and a wild surge of creativity. Imelda Almqvist, Paganpages

As well as being found in bookshops and libraries, The Natural storyteller is available directly from Hawthorn Press or on Amazon.