Georgiana enjoys directing storytellers and has been involved in many great storytelling performances over the years including Buzakchini, Afghanistans brave goat, 2 language videos for Tema Morsmål‘Francis of Assisi’ for the Tonsberg festival, The story of Abraham from the Bible and the KoranCarl Fredriks transport, Silke for Jacob Kulturkirke, Arr, Life of 2 asylum seekers from Iran, Kjempen Mossa, a story from a Moroccan in Norway. Almost all these productions have played for years!

2001/2 Festspillene i Bergen  invited Georgiana to lead storytelling as part of the festival for the first time. Georgiana founded The Norwegian Storytelling festival with Fortellerhuset in 2004 and was artistic director for 5 years. During this time guests included many national celebrities and great international storytellers.

Georgiana also directed Washing-up Wars documentary for BBC2.