Here we are in the back of Gert-Jans light green 1972 Volvo. He and Ellen his wife are unusual. They seem to have really decided to enjoy their lives. And a major part of this joy is in serving the wishes and delight of the people round them. These 3 young guys are taking a break here from volunteering at a local eco-lighthouse.

Ellen showed me her gallery, full of animals. I loved it, she doesn’t sell the stuff unless its finished serving in the gallery. Last night they invited friends around for storytelling cake and chat, and i heard a REALLY good story.
Its the creation of a local man and as its very much his story I won’t retell it here but it’s basically the story of Cod. Told in such a way that you get both a thrilling and graphic tale of being a fish including sex life of the cod, plus a wonderful sense of the bigger picture. THIS is the kind of story that really interests me. You get engaged in the flesh and blood, the daily life and loves of the myriad species. You remember we are all in this together.

Serendipity is from a tale of 3 young princes of Serendip (Ceylon) who, travelling through the world, did not find the treasures they were looking for.. but on their way they continually ran into other even better treasures which they were not seeking. And is this what made them serene?

I heard the story from Gert-Jan, and its a principle which he lives by. At one time he was a highly stressed executive single parent with two kids. To stress down he used to take one day a month where he went out in his car and drove randomly, following his nose to any place that took his interest. He said it saved his sanity.

This morning I set off walking from Laukvik to Fiskebøl. As i walked along i saw one of the camping vans which haunt the roads here. Before now i have thought they are rather a sad way of holiday, but here on this road which was very empty i realised that if you are in one of these things you will probably spend a lot of time outside. And have a great time.
The road was empty but then guess who was the next person I met on my way? A woman came out from one of those vans and asked if she could walk with me. And it turns out that she and her man are traveling also in the principle of Serendipity. From Austria they know only that they want to go North and that they are interested in Samis and as he is a biologist so plants and animals. they don’t plan, when they get to a crossing if they don’t know which way to go they stop until they get a sense of the right way.
They have been out with the reindeers and Samis in Sweden, Finland and Norway and she says the Sami are very strong now. Every day she writes a diary which she will take back and read to her 93 year old aunt who would have liked to come too…

This is the last part of my walk today seen from the boat.
OK more proof that I may be slightly unhinged.. Today the long road was empty and I spent a lot of the time walking with eyes closed. To start with I kept veering to the left, then I focused on sensing the left side of the body and managed to keep pretty much straight. Believe it or not it was really good fun. I have learnt this from my kids who love walking blind. But we usually do it with someone there to stop you bumping into things.

Now I’m in the Melbu hotel where they are letting me use the net and gave me a free drink. Its 9.30 don’t know where I will stay the night but it feels fine. Hopefully serendipity will pull me through.

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  1. ok, sorry i haven’t been reading but now I read it all! You have been super flittig with the writing! And the experiences you have had! In comparison my scorpion and landslides are very small (and always not just one, but many people around me). Amazing to read it, it feels like you are being truly independent, and yet still social. Those knocking on doors skills are lifelong ones I think. Many good wishes for your continued travels/travails/forsoek/essayer-ings.

  2. I’ve always loved you work, I think you can make any wedndig look beautiful. But this wedndig seems to outshine even you. Looks like it would have been a blast!!! I love the I winged it . Very cool couple! Was already in love with this couple then I heard Marilyn Kipps voice (the justice of the peace) SHE’S AMAZING! Made it even better!

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