Peace Pilgrim, I keep coming back to this lady. She walked for 28 years. No-one knows how old she was but she was old and she was carrying NOthing. Except a plastic comb and letters she got and sent to people and she kept these at the bottom of her jumper. And she never asked for anything. She just waited until people offered her stuff. Man she is a hefty mirror..

And here am I thinking about all this stuff stuff stuff I might need need need. Now I’ve got some big clumpy mountain boots. I have never understood the point of these things, is it a marketing gimmick? I’m going to find out soon because there is going to be no other footwear available, I refuse to take more than one pair of shoes. And I’ve got the hammock with the special little tent to hang the mosquito netting on, plus the tarp for rain, the sleeping bag and the LIGGEUNDERLAG. You just can’t say it in English and you can in no circumstances go outside the door without one in Norway. It’s the portable mattress thing which you also need for a hammock. I mean I am going North of the Arctic circle- on a hot day its still going to be cold. Plus long johns a long sleeved vest and of course waterproofs. Then there’s the massive bag of make-up and vitamin pills, well ok I’ll leave that behind with the first aid kit and the clothes. I am going to only bring one pair of clothes.

Eating local food.

Peace pilgrim never asked for food, but I am not her and I will both ask for it and buy it and eat it I hope. I was so happy the other day when I remembered flatbread. Because before that I thought I would just be living on nettles and fish. For some reason I really like food and yet I’m continually thinking of things to deprive myself of. Why? Two reasons. Clear thinking, its so annoying to be in a muddle and eating rubbish food makes the mind muddled. And the other is this whole mad, fly food around the planet campaign which seems so utterly dodgy. If I am going to be able to do it, I REALLY don’t know. But the idea is to eat only food that arises up there. Will it have arisen by 26th June, people have mentioned that they only just stopped having snow, who knows? Life remains exiting.